About us

The minds behind Vegan auf Reisen are Mandy Raasch, Nima Ashoff and Diane Stein.
We all live vegan and travel permanently throughout Europe.

From our own experience we know only too well what matters when traveling as a vegan.

  • Where can I find good shopping opportunities for vegans?
  • Which accommodation is open or fully prepared for vegan needs?
  • How can I shop or order vegan food in a foreign-language country?

These are just a few of the questions that we are going to anser for you on our website. To achieve this, we are supported by our large network, which is spread over a wide variety of countries.

The valuable knowledge of local people helps us to provide our readers with useful first-hand information. This not only makes it easier for you to choose a holiday destination, it also prepares you for your next trip.

Our guiding principle is: Vegan living & traveling is fun!

Mandy Raasch

Mandy Raasch

Together with my dog Marko, I have been traveling through Europe in a campervan since 2016.

Withoud food there’s no energy for new adventures! I have been living vegan since 2014 and through this project I’d like to promote the subject of “Vegan auf Reisen” as well as to bring together prospective buyers and suppliers of vegan travel.

Nima Ashoff

Nima Ashoff

With my partner, I live in a vintage bus for 3.5 years. Together with our dogs Merle and Jule, we explore Europe, preferably off the beaten tourist track.

Of course, I also eat vegan and preferably large quantities of it. My nickname is “Caterpillar nimasatt” for a good reason.

What drives me to this project is my passion for traveling, but also for healthy eating and, of course, animal welfare.

Diane Stein

Diane Stein

Together with my partner and my dog Yumi I am travelling in our self-developed campervan in Europe and Asia since mid-2017 – preferably off the beaten track. I also live vegan for several years now.

It is important to me to get to know the countries and their inhabitants in all their facets and to explore nature. In every new country, it’s a great pleasure to get to know vegan products and the vegan local cuisine.

My goal is to open the eyes of other travelers to what a country has to offer apart from the typical travel guides.

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