About us

The minds behind Vegan auf Reisen are Mandy Raasch, Nima Ashoff and Diane Stein.

We all enjoy a vegan lifestyle, and all of us are permanent nomads traveling throughout Europe. From our own experience, we know only too about the roadblocks and must-knows to enjoy vegan traveling.

  • Where can I find good shopping opportunities for vegans?
  • What accommodations are open and prepared) to cater to vegan needs?
  • How do I shop for, or order, vegan food in a foreign-speaking country?

Just a few of the questions that Vegan auf Reisen will answer for you.

Supported by our large network, spanning a wide variety of countries and cultures, we’ll dive deep into the How-To of vegan traveling.

The wisdom of natives provided by the friends we make along the way of our own travels helps us to provide you with useful information right from the source.

Simplify your search for a vegan-friendly holiday destination, and start your next trip well-prepared, ready to indulge in vegan traveling.

Our guiding principle:
Vegan living & traveling is fun!

Mandy Raasch

Mandy Raasch

In 2016 I started my travels throughout Europe – and I haven’t looked back since. I share my camper van with my dog Marko, whom I adopted from the Albanian streets in 2017.

New adventures require proper feeding! I went vegan in 2014. With Vegan auf Reisen, I want to showcase the many joys of vegan nomad life and connect those who dream of vegan traveling with vegan travel providers.

Nima Ashoff
With my partner, I’ve been living in a vintage bus since 2015 (sonst würde es bedeuten, sie macht es nicht mehr). Together with our dogs Merle and Jule, we explore Europe, preferably off the beaten tourist track.

I eat vegan, preferably large quantities of it. My nickname is “The very hungry Caterpillar” and for good reason.

For me, Vegan auf Reisen is sparked by my passion for traveling, healthy eating, and animal welfare.

Diane Stein

Diane Stein

Together with my partner and my dog Yumi, I’ve been traveling Europe and Asia in our self-developed camper van since mid-2017 – preferably off the beaten track.

I’m passionate about getting to know new countries and their people in all their facets, including the surrounding nature.

I have been living vegan for several years.
In every new country, I indulge in getting to know vegan products and local vegan cuisine.

My goal: I want to share with fellow vegans the riches of the countries we travel and broaden horizons beyond the typical travel guides.

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